The Argonne National Laboratory/MCS/Extreme Scale Resilience group covers fault tolerance and resilience for HPC simulations and data analytics at extreme scale

Lead: Franck Cappello, ANL

Topics and people

Main collaborators: Marc Snir (ANL and UIUC), Jon Calhoun (Clemson), Bill Kramer (UIUC), Bogdan Nicolae (IBM Dublin), Thomas Ropars (EPFL), Amina Guermouche (UVSQ), Frederic Vivien (Inria), Yves Robert (LIP), Satoshi Matsuoka (Titech), Mitsuhisa Sato (U. Tsukuba), Omer Subasi (BSC), Osman Unsal (BSC), Leonardo Bautista Gomez (BSC)

Tools and software

Main collaborative activities

Recent Publications (from 2013)