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  1. December 2012 Slides from Karen Pao (DOE ASCR) on Applied Mathematics at the Exascale ExascaleMath_v2.pdf
  2. Recent ASCR reports on extreme-scale computing:
    1. Scientific Grand Challenges Workshop series, for the complete list of reports see,
    2. DOE ASCR Workshop Reports on components of the exascale ecosystem.
      As of January 2013, these include:
    3. “The Opportunity and Challenges of Exascale Computing”, summary report of the Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee (ASCAC) Subcommittee (Fall 2010),
  3. DOE ASCR Exascale Research Conference Materials (April 2012), 
  4. International Exascale Software Project 
  5. PRACE Parternership for Advanced Computing in Europe
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