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4. Detailed usage and examples can be found in the doc/user-guide.pdf and example/, in the package. 

5. Version history:  


We recommend the latest version SZ 0.5.10 (a.k.a., SZh)

  • SZ 0.2-0.4 Compression ratio is the same as SZ 0.5. The key difference is different implementation ways, such that SZ 0.5 is much faster than SZ 0.2-0.4.
  • SZ 0.5.1 Support version checking


  • SZ 0.5.9 optimize the offset by using simple right-shifting method. Experiments show that this cannot improve compression ratio actually, because simple right-shifting actually make each data be multiplied by 2^{-k}, where k is # right-shifting bits. The pros is to save bits because of more leading-zero bytes, but the cons is much more required bits to save. A good solution is SZ 0.5.10!


  • SZ 0.5.10 optimze (a.k.a., SZh)optimize the offset by using the optimized formula of computing the median_value based on optimized right-shifting method. Anyway, SZ0.5.10 improves compression ratio a lot for hard-to-compress datasets. (Hard-to-compress datasets refer to the cases whose compression ratios are usually very limited)


(The code is ready to use, but it cannot be released now because the BSD license is under approval process. Before the official release, the code is available upon request. Contact: or

If you download the code, please let us know who you are. We are very keen of helping you using the AID library.

A paper describing SZ is to appear in IPDPS16.