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SciDAC Institutes
Program or SponsorProjectProject Point(s) of ContactPartner Point(s) of Contact
SciDA-3 Institutes
(no longer active)

FASTMath – Frameworks, Algorithms, and Scalable Technologies for MathematicsBarry Smith (ANL) 
 SUPER – Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy and ResiliencePhil Roth (ORNL) 
 SDAV—Scalable Data Management, Analysis and VisualizationOllie Lo (LANL), David Pugmire (ORNL) 
SciDAC-4 InstitutesFASTMath – Frameworks, Algorithms, and Scalable Technologies for Mathematics

Barry Smith (ANL)

RAPIDS - Resource and Application Productivity through computing, Information, and Data ScienceDavid Bernholdt (ORNL), James Kress (ORNL), David Pugmire (ORNL), Phil Roth (ORNL)
DOE Office of Nuclear EnergyNuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS) Steven L. Hayes (INL), Chris Stanek (LANL)
DOE Office of Nuclear EnergyFuel Cycle R&D  (ORNL)