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Andrew Loebl, Suzanne Yoakum-Stover and M. Andrew EickConceptual Underpinnings of Ultra-Large Scale, Unified Data-Space
Frank MuellerDistributed System Abstractions for Multicores Systems
Morris Jette and Danny AubleEnhanced Resource Management Support for Failure Management
Allan Porterfield and Rob FowlerThe Path to Exascale Computation: Adaptive Introspection
Jack DennisPosition Paper for the Exascale Operating and Runtime Systems Workshop
Michela TauferDealing with large, distributed scientific datasets on exascale computers
Michela TauferNumerical Reproducibility and Stability of Large-Scale Simulations on Exascale Architectures
Kurt Ferreira,ÊKevin Pedretti, Ron Brightwell,ÊPatrick Bridges, David Fiala and Frank MuellerAn Operating System Resilient to DRAM Failures
Amos Waterland, Jonathan Appavoo, Elaine Angelino, Ryan Adams and Margo SeltzerA Fault-Tolerant Exascale Parallel Runtime
Bruce Childers, Jack Davidson, Mary Jane Irwin, Mahmut Kandemir and Mary Lou SoffaX-REEact: Fighting Runtime Variances Across Time and Space
Peter DindaAdaptive and Extensible Virtualization for Exascale
Rolf RiesenÊand Kurt FerreiraThe case for extensible operating systems for exascale
Sudharshan Vazhkudai, Ali Butt, John Cobb, Xiaosong Ma, Frank Mueller and Dhabaleswar PandaFunctional Partitioning: Enabling and Optimizing Exascale Runtime Services
Eduard Ayguade, Jesus Labarta and Rosa M. BadiaOmpSs and the Nanos++ runtime
Yutaka Ishikawa, Atsushi Hori, Balazs Gerofi and Akio ShimadaOperating System Kernel for Manycore Architectures
Larry Kaplan and Dave HenselerExascale Nearby Storage
Larry KaplanFull Operating System Core Specialization
Larry KaplanRuntime for Application Resiliency
Chen Liu and Pollawat ThanarungrojPinned Middleware Services on Many-core Platform for Exascale Systems
Brian Van Essen and Maya GokhalePersistent memory view of in-system storage
Jeff HollingsworthContinuous Auto-Tuning
Jim McKie and John FlorenEdging Towards Exascale With NIX
Yoonho Park, Marius Hillenbrand, Todd Inglett, Bryan Rosenburg, Kyung Ryu and Eric Van HensbergenA Hybrid Approach to Exascale Operating Systems
Noah Evans and Jim McKieProcess Isolation and Exascale Operating Systems and Runtimes
Jonathan Appavoo, Dan Schatzberg, James Cadden and Orran KriegerEbbRT
Sape Mullender, Jeff Napper, Jan Sacha and Jim McKieA High Performance Global Named Information System
Hermann Hartig, Amnon Barak, Wolfgang E Nagel and Alexander ReinefeldTowards a versatile exascale operating system to support on-__line load and failure management
Gagan AgrawalEfficient Runtime Support for Intra-Node Acceleration of Data Parallel Loops with Di fferent Communication Patterns
Henry HoffmannManaging Competing Goals with a Self-aware Runtime System
Alok Choudhary, Mahmut Kandemir and Wei-Keng LiaoORCA: Operating system and Runtime system support for arChitectural diversity and Application dynamicity
Dorian Arnold, Patrick Bridges, Kurt Ferreira, David Lownethal and Martin SchulzRun-Time Support for Integrated Power and Resilience Management
Franck Cappello and Ana GainaruResilience through failure avoidance: New detectors of failure precursors and improved prediction workflow
Terry Jones, Travis Humble and Larry KaplanPosition Paper: Supporting Novel Accelerators
Oliver PellDelivering Performance, Energy Efficiency and Reliability in a Heterogeneous Exascale System

Timo Hönig, Rüdiger Kapitza and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat

Energy-Aware Software Design for Exascale Computing Systems
Tahsin Kurc and Joel SaltzRuntime System for Extreme Scale Comparative Analytics on Spatio-Temporal Datasets
James LarosProviding a Foundation for Power and Resiliencyexaosr12_submission_38.pdf
Erik Saule, Kamer Kaya and Umit CatalyurekHigh Performance Computing/Domain Specific Language Symbiosis for Exascale Computing
Vivek Sarkar, Barbara Chapman, Will Gropp, Rob Knauerhase, Tim Mattson and Wilf PinfoldOpen Community Runtime: A Framework for Cooperative Resource Control in Exascale Systems
Christian Engelmann, Geoffroy Vallee, Thomas Naughton and Frank MuellerDynamic Self-Aware Runtime Software for Exascale Systems
Xiaoming Li and Guang GaoTaming Irregularity and Dynamics at Exascale with Unspeculative Compilation and Predicative Runtime Accommodation
Terry Jones and Laxmikant KalePosition Paper: PIMS Migratable Threadlets
Vijay Pai, Stephen Crago, Dong-In Kang, Mikyung Kang, Karandeep Singh, Jinwoo Suh, John Paul Walters and Andrew YoungeVirtualized Cloud Computing for Exascale Performance
Song Jiang and Kei DavisTackling Unaligned I/O to Support Data-Intensive Exascale Computing
Terry Jones, Scott Atchley, Geoffroy Vallee, Joshua Hursey, Yoav Tock, Benjamin Mandler and Eliezer DekelPosition Paper: Virtual Communications Backplane
John Paul Walters, Stephen P. Crago, Vijay S. Pai, Karandeep Singh, Jinwoo Suh, Andrew Younge and Kenneth M. ZickEnabling Resilience through Introspection and Virtualization
Kamil Iskra, Kazutomo Yoshii, Rinku Gupta and Pete BeckmanAdvanced Virtual Memory for Exascale
Kamil Iskra, Kazutomo Yoshii, Rinku Gupta and Pete BeckmanPower Management for Exascale
Ron Sass, Andrew Schmidt and Matthew FrenchAbstract Machines for OS/R Research
Scott Levy, Kurt Ferreira, Patrick Bridges, Dorian Arnold and David FialaExploiting Content Similarity to Improve Memory Performance in Exascale Systems
Barry Rountree, Martin Schulz and David LowenthalRun-Time Support for Fine-Grain, Power-Constrained Exascale Computing
John LangePartitioned Multistack Evironments for Exascale Systems
John OusterhoutGeneral-Purpose DRAM-Based Storage
Christopher Lauderdale and Rishi KhanSWARM: A path forwards to exascale
Martin Schulz and David LowenthalAutomatic Customization of OS and Runtime Stacks
Karsten Schwan, Greg Eisenhauer, Ada Gavrilovska, Scott Klasky, Hasan Abbasi and Jay LofsteadCore Containers: System Support for Provisioning and Controlling Dynamic Exascale Codes
Stephane Zuckerman, Souad Koliai and Guang R. GaoTowards Exascale Performance Using The Codelet Model
Bradley Settlemyer, David Dillow, Sarp Oral and Feiyi WangStorage-driven Scheduling to Leverage Reliable Exascale Storage
Manish Parashar, Ivan Rodero and Marc GamellCross-layer Application-aware Power/Energy Management for Extreme Scale Science
Roberto Gioiosa and Sriram KrishnamoorthyOperating System Support for Fine-Grained Task Migration
Laxmikant KaleAn Introspective and Adaptive Runtime System
Martin SchulzTool Support for an Integrated and Multi-Model OS/R Stack
Geoffroy Vallee, Thomas Naughton, Christian Engelmann and David BernholdtUnified Execution Environment
Jay LofsteadAnalysis Driven Scientific Simulations
Bradford Chamberlain and Larry KaplanRuntime Systems for Exascale Programming Languages
Thomas Sterling and Andrew LumsdaineTowards the Establishment of an Interface Protocol between Operating System and Runtime System Software for Exascale Computers
Abhinav Bhatele and Todd GamblinOS/Runtime challenges for dynamic topology aware mapping
Roberto Gioiosa, Adolfy Hoisie, Darren Kerbyson, Daniel Chavarria, Abhinav Vishnu and Sriram KrishnamoorthySelf-Aware OS and Runtime in Exascale Systems
Arun JagatheesanThe Case for Application Defined Memory: Memory for Supercomputers and Smartphones
Dhabaleswar PandaResource Optimized Runtime (ROR) for Exascale Systems
Dorian Arnold, Jared Saia andÊBarton MillerAggregation Trees: A Robust Distributed Data Structure for Exascale Computing
Dorian ArnoldÊand Samuel GutierrezAutonomous Runtime Systems
Pavan Balaji, Paul Hargrove, Laxmikant Kale and Sriram KrishnamoorthyUnistack: An Interoperable Runtime Environment for Exascale Systems
Luiz DeroseApplication Level Power Analysis and Power Management
Rob Knauerhase and Kath KnobeFine-Grained, Event-Driven Runtime Research For Exascale Performance, Power, and Reliability
Kesheng Wu, Ke-Jou Hsu and Surendra BynaAutotuning for Exascale Data Management
Andrew Hanushevsky, Richard Mount and Wei YangPosition Paper on xrootd Software for Exascale Systems
Rinku Gupta, Kamil Iskra, Kazutomo Yoshii, Peter Beckman and Pavan BalajiIntrospective Fault Tolerance for Exascale Systems
Justin ShiStatistic Multiplexed Computing
Steve HammondÊand Jim LarosX-RAY
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