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All talks will occur in the Theory and Computing Sciences building (TCS, building #240) in rooms 1404-1406

A breakout room (#1407) is available for discussions

Wifi is available through the Argonne-guest network (Eduroam is also available), you will be asked to register the first time you open a browser


Slide pdfs available at the NUCLEI  webpage:


Sunday, June 5

6:00 PMWelcome reception hosted by Rusty Lusk (736 Randall Street, Downers Grove, 60515)

Monday, June 6

Chair: Wild
8:45-Meet in 1404 for tour (coffee available) 
8:50TBDALCF: Mira (Blue Gene/Q) Tour and Theta (Intel/Cray being installed) Overview 
9:40Stefan Wild (ANL)Safety Orientation and Overview, Welcome, and Logistics10
9:50Joe Carlson (LANL)Introduction & Goals for the Meeting10
10:00Dick Furnstahl (OSU)NUCLEI Website, Deliverables, TALENT20
10:20Vary (ISU) / Nam (LANL)INCITE Status Report & Activities20
10:40-11:00-break-coffee & pastries provided 
Chair: Furnstahl
Interactions and Optimization
11:00Sarah Wesolowski (OSU)Bayesian Parameter Estimation for EFT20
11:20Yannen Jaganathen (MSU)Gamow Shell Model Effective Interaction for p-sd Shell Nuclei20
11:40Alex Dyhdalo (OSU)Regulators and Revisiting the DME20
12:00-1:30lunch/discussions(lunch on your own - B213 cafeteria) 
Chair: Vary
Ab Initio - CI / QMC
1:30Rusty Lusk (ANL)Three Little Libraries20
1:50Alessandro Lovato (ANL)Neutrino-nucleus Cross Section from Quantum Monte Carlo20
2:10Pieter Maris (ISU)Light Nuclei with Improved Chiral Interactions20
2:30James Vary (ISU)Effective Electroweak Operators within OLS20
2:50Nicolas Michel (MSU)The Implementation of Gamow Shell Model (GSM) in the Exascale Era20
Chair: Lusk
Applied Math/Comp Sci/Leadership Class Machines
3:30Meiyue Shao (LBNL)On the Eigensolver in MFDn20
3:50Hai Ah Nam (LANL)Upcoming Machines - Towards Exascale20
4:10Esmond Ng (LBNL)NUCLEI and SciDAC Institute Connections20
James Vary (ISU)
Wrap-up and Discussion

Tuesday, June 7

Chair: Wiringa
Ab Initio - QMC / IM-SRG
9:00Scott Bogner (MSU)IM-SRG Progress and Outlook20
9:20Stefano Gandolfi (LANL)AFDMC20
9:40Ingo Tews (INT)Calculations of Neutron Matter with Chiral Interactions20
10:00Diego Lonardoni (NSCL/MSU,LANL)Progresses in AFDMC Calculations for Nuclei20
10:20-10:40-break-coffee & pastries provided 
10:40-11:00Chair: LuskECP  
10:40Paul Messina (ECP Project Director)Overview of the DOE Exascale Computing Project 20
Chair: Bogner
Ab Initio - CC / IM-SRG
11:00Gustav R. Jansen (ORNL)Computational Advances in Coupled-cluster Theory20
11:20Nathan Parzuchowski (MSU)Excited States and Electromagnetic Transitions with the IM-SRG Formalism20
11:40Sebastian Koenig (OSU)Directions and Issues in Nuclear E(F)T Interactions20


lunch/discussions(lunch on your own - B213 cafeteria) 
Chair: Carlson
Electron/Neutrino Scattering
1:30Sushant More (OSU)Studying Scale Dependence of Factorization with d(e,e'p)20
1:50Maria Piarulli (ANL)Local Chiral Potentials and the Structure of Light Nuclei20
2:10Bob Wiringa (ANL)A Library of Spectroscopic Overlaps20
2:30-2:40Meeting Photo (meet in 1404)
Chair: Engel
Double Beta Decay
3:00Jonathan Engel (UNC)Double-Beta Decay Overview20
3:20Andrei Neacsu (CMU)Double-Beta Decay Observables and Phase-Space Factors20
3:40Mihai Horoi (CMU)Double-beta Decay Nuclear Matrix Elements and the Gamow-Teller Quenching20
4:00Changfeng Jiao (UNC)Double Beta Decay in GCM20
4:20Jiangming Yao (UNC)Double Beta Decay in IMSRG20
Bob Wiringa (ANL)
Wrap-up and Discussion

Wednesday, June 8

Chair: Schunck


Noburo Hinohara (Tsukuba/MSU)FAM Applications Towards EFT Optimization20
9:20Witold Nazarewicz (MSU)Nuclear Radii in DFT10
9:30Erik Olsen (MSU)Massexplorer:  A Website for Theoretical Nuclear Physics Calculations10
9:40Chunli Zhang (MSU/NSCL)Localization in Nuclei with Nuclear Density Functional Theory10
9:50George Fann (ORNL)Recent Advances in MADNESS-HFB and MADNESS-HF20
10:10-10:50-break-coffee & pastries provided 
Chair: Nazarewicz
DFT (2)
10:50Nicolas Schunck (LLNL)Nuclear Fission20
11:10Bastian Schuetrumpf (NSCL/MSU)TDHF with Twist-Averaged Boundary Conditions20
11:30Rodrigo Navarro Perez (LLNL)Uncertainty Propagation from DFT to Astrophysical Phenomena20
Witold Nazarewicz (MSU)
Wrap-up and Discussion
12:00-1:30lunch/discussions(lunch on your own - B213 cafeteria) 
1:30-2:50Chair: ReddyNuclear Structure / Astro 
1:30Thomas Papenbrock (UT/ORNL)Overview of Recent Progress in Coupled Cluster (Pt I)20
1:50Thomas Papenbrock (UT/ORNL)Overview of Recent Progress in Coupled Cluster (Pt II)20
2:10Matt Caplan (Indiana)Phase Diagrams of Nuclear Pasta20
2:30Farrooh Fattoyev (Indiana)Large Volume Quantum Simulations of Nuclear Pasta for Neutron-Star and Supernova Matter20
Chair: Carlson
Nuclear Astro & CI Eigensolver
3:20Sanjay Reddy (Washington)Transport and Superfluidity of Neutrons in the Neutron Star Crust20
3:40Ermal Rrapaj (Washington)Microscopically Constrained Mean Field Models from Chiral Nuclear Thermodynamics20
4:00Alessandro Roggero (Washington)Thermal Conductivity of Dirty Neutron Star Crusts20
4:20H. Metin Aktulga (MSU)A High Performance Block Eigensolver for Nuclear CI20
Sanjay Reddy (Washington)
Wrap-up and Discussion
4:55Steven Pieper (ANL)Dinner Notes 
6:00Group dinner at Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant, 709 Janes Ave., Bolingbrook (inside Bass Pro Shop)
RSVP & complete rideshare form at by 12PM Monday

Thursday, June 9

Chair: Carlson
Wrap Up
9:00Ted Barnes (DOE)Call in 
9:30Joe Carlson (LANL)Meeting Summary 
10:30-11:00-break-coffee & pastries provided 
Joe Carlson (LANL)
Plans for Final Year, Report Writing, and Discussion
12:00End of NUCLEI Annual Meeting  
12:00-1:30lunch/discussions(lunch on your own - B213 cafeteria) 
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