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Multi-institutions collaboration topics


 JSC: Bernd Mohr, Brian Wylie

 BSC: Jesus Labarta

UIUC: Bill Kramer

Gap analysis, inventory of existing mini-apps and characterization of the mini-apps (see mini apps topic)


Compare performance analysis of mini-apps with that of corresponding full applications to determine their representativeness (reliability/confidence)


 Identify the key performance metrics for such assessment


Best practices, tools, tool workflows, best metrics for process to eanble applications for exascale


Organizing or contributing to JLESC training on performance optimisation (or more general HPC programming)


Collaboration projects

RIKEN/JSC: Porting and adapting JSC tools to K computer (and successors)

BSC/JSC: Implement (potential future) standard tool interface OMPT for OpenMP also for OmpSs and contribute experiences / ideas to OMPT group

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