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If you're new to the FGS2 project, please work with your institutional PI to work through this checklist...

On-Boarding Checklist for New Project Participants

  1. New participant should request a wiki account through the CELS Virtual Helpdesk (if you already have an account on, skip this step)
    1. Your Argonne Collaborator is Richard Mills
    2. The Confluence project URL is
    3. The Helpdesk will notify you when your account has been created
  2. New participant should request access to the wiki: mail template
    1. Make sure you include your new username!
    2. David or Richard will add you to the overall FissionGasSciDAC2 space and to the Restricted page tree
    3. David or Richard will notify you when complete
  3. New participant should verify proper access to the wiki
    1. You should have the ability to edit both of the following pages:
    2. Hint: you don't need to make any changes to prove that you have edit permissions
    3. If there are problems, respond to the person who processed your request
  4. Institutional PI or new participant should update the team roster on the main public page
    1. Note that participant names should be in alphabetical order.
  5. New participant should join the project's other collaboration tools on the Collaboration Tools/Resources page
    1. Mailing list
    2. Calendar entry for recurring all-hands telecon

To be added

  • Request access to appropriate software development projects
  • Request access to appropriate computing resources

Need more help?

Please email  David Bernholdt with questions.

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